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Leading firms like yours need to access industry experience on IT strategic initiatives.

I have worked extensively with mid-large enterprises on a variety of change cycles, and helped senior management design and implement changes to existing business activities.

Primary interests:

  • Renewal of legacy systems: Skills required to operate and update legacy systems are becoming increasingly rare and/or costly. Certified, state of the art infrastructure is often a preferable alternative, both in the short and long run.
  • Reorganization of Big Data pools: Silo-ed data cannot be joined easily, risking your organization to miss on valuable synergy and data mining use cases.
  • Migrating On-Premise Platforms into the Cloud: Increasing spending efficiency and flexibility/scalability often requires infrastructure redesign from the ground up.
  • Preparing for External Audits: Evaluating existing infrastructure, its setup and compliance to security standards can be challenging.

In previous engagements, I have noticed that the optimal project engagement duration is between three and six months. I have found that this timeframe allows me to obtain an in-depth understanding of your needs, and to deliver roadmaps required for their execution.

The roadmap implementation may sometimes need human resources that are rare in-house. If you need help with this, please consult the brokerage page.

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